Frank Vanderwel
Senior 3D Environment Artist

3D Modelling and Texturing

Displayed in UE4, 4k texture maps (albedo, normal, roughness, metallic, emissive), 30k tris per car, designed by me in 3D without concept art.  Base textures were baked in Substance Designer.  Texture variations took approximately 15-30 minutes each within Substance Painter.

Based on Sci-Fi Gun concept by Matthew Harris
UE4 River Environment study, I created everything in the scene (models, textures, shaders, layout).

The house and dock in the river scene were built out of modular wooden pieces, which really sped up their assembly and kept their texture footprint low.

Hover car based off of concept art by Martin Sokol

Shadeless materials, 2 diffuse textures used (2k for building, 4k for ground plane)
Simple shader requirements = ideal for realtime mobile/VR/AR applications

High and low poly models were created in Blender. The building was generated using the ‘BoolTool’ addon in combination with Bevel modifiers. The terrain was made using a custom terrain modeling rig that I built, and then detailed using procedural noise displacement maps. Textures were initially baked within Substance Designer from the high poly meshes, and then further detailed using a PBR texturing workflow within Substance Painter. Lighting and textures were then baked to diffuse maps using Blender’s Cycles raytracer using an HDRI environment map to light the scene.

Based on a concept by Nordeus Games
Created with Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, Designer, Painter, and Sketchfab

This scene was created using a tiling displacement map that I generated in CrazyBump from a hand-painted rock texture.  The basic cave structure was box-modeled, subdivided several times, and then unwrapped in a way to change the flow of the rocks to make the scene look more interesting.  This was then decimated to a game-ready resolution, and was then vertex painted to blend between the rock and dirt materials.  Working this way allowed me to create unique looking elements (for instance, the rock spires), but still keep texture memory very low for the scene.
Here are some of the hand-painted, low poly game assets that I made for the FarmVille 2 web game. All assets are diffuse + alpha only, meant to be viewed from a top-down isometric perspective with any unseen backfaces deleted unless the object had to animate.
Base textures were created usually starting from a flat material color bake, with an ambient occlusion bake overlayed twice in Photoshop using a 'Soft Light' blend type and a Levels adjustment layer to alter the effect. Soft Light was used instead of Multiply because the colors in the shadows would come out as much more vibrant. The base texture was then hand-painted directly in the viewport using Max's Viewport Canvas tool and Blender's Texture Paint mode, as well as with Photoshop. Flaming Pear's 'Solidify' Photoshop plugin was also used on the final texture image to prevent texture seam issues when the texture was mipped in game.
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Painting and Design

Frank Vanderwel
Senior Artist